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I love books. My blog about books and about many other things.
Today the 200ste day of death of the philosopher John curl and to this cause is stands the following utterance of it on my chronicle calendar:
Luck and misfortune are names for things, whose do not express borders we.
I all day long already think about it. No matter how (un) lucky I am still somewhat luckier or more unfortunate, I could be. What probably are the outside borders? “Skies” and “hell”? That is frightening thought, on the one hand finds I “normal” its enough already bad, how terribly then the limit value must be? On the other hand luck is so mad nevertheless therefore, because it is so rare. Would absolute luck blessedness be not perhaps boring? But then again one would have the full broadside luck, which I cannot introduce myself times and therefore I cannot know also whether it is boring.
I was this afternoon with my good friend Jutta and her 2 1/2-year old daughter Jorina on the way. Only were we walk, then still on the playground and following together evening bread eat. In their kitchen is located a small arbitrator, who originates from a mini Babybel packing and whom I noticed today for the first time. Because we were anyway somewhat ridiculous, I had only times “we to know where your car stand, your car stand” sung, because my sister, the football fan is, neckt me sometimes with this stadium “singing”, if I become too impudent;)
About a half hour later plays Jorina with the plastic figure and sings thereby “your car stands your car stands”. I thought, I to place before laughter and in addition find I it unbelievable that she noted and with this figure associated that. Incomprehensibly absorptive!
I and my parents, we times asked around and of many sides heard that these “symptoms” speak for a broken compressor. Around to exchange one must discharge the coolant, which takes so 5 hours. Since the repair human being 23 euro per hour plust start and costs of the spare part cost, the repair is not worthwhile itself. A new Frierer would cost ~300 euro, which moves in similar dimensions. I cancelled thus the order.

My parents were offered to me for Christmas a new to give, have them me. Because I have at present really no money for it remaining. But I want Gefrierschrank after this disaster really still another? Do I need at all one? Over it I must think times and fall then with my two co-inhabitants a decision
On Wednesday, thus the day before yesterday, I organized Brownie test cheeks with a friend. I ate, could not terribly leckere Brownies times on a party however not find out, who had baked and did not come so unfortunately, unfortunately to the prescription. Thus I decided to try out around one find many prescriptions that to the super Brownies approaches. I made, however thus finally a beginning with little success, because none of the four tested prescriptions tasted approximately similar. Harm.
I will provide a Brownie test side, will also further not give up hopefully still this weekend and and far prescriptions will test.
This morning everything was as had and a view of my receipt still said to me that the warranty is exceeded by 6 months. The repair human being announces itself today or tomorrow to me around a date (!) to constitute and I am with at least 70 euro (!) . Such a muck.
At least my parents come around mine/our Gefriergut with them to store temporarily equivalent past. The only light view on this morning.
When I came a while ago from on Mondays cooking home, my Gefrierschrank made loud of noises and the warning lamp was on. That is, that the temperature exceeded inside a critical mark.
There are two possible explanations:
A) The compressor engine is broken.
b) Someone left the door open a small gap.

Until tomorrow morning I can undertake anyway nothing and if it b) is, it up to then took care of itself. If it is however A), then I must let a craftsman come tomorrow. That costs me at all money and does not fit into the stuff. Therefore I am now gene FFS and nervously.

By more nforcer I came on the following funny test, which naturally alike I made. Those asks is, which OS would be one, if one were not humans, but an operating system.
On Friday, thus the day before yesterday, I was with friends in brown situation with the regional league ice hockey play of the Harzer wolves against Hamburg Crocodiles. Directly in the first play minute those met Hamburg ones, however after already abgepfiffen was because of a Fouls. Nevertheless the gate was given. There already times the Harzer fan block raved enormously and went also further so, however more before joy, because particularly in the second third the Harzer made a gate after the other one. Twice those had Hamburg one the Torwart replacement, since replace-gate-waited with each hit the more nicked. In the third third those were again stronger Hamburg ones with that regular gate man, could not adjust however the enormous arrears any longer. And in such a way the Harzer 11:5 in a turbulent play with some palpablenesses won.

I enjoyed this play tremendously: To look at I find ice hockey live completely ingenious! And I look forward already to it, this season in addition-drive more frequently there:)))
I did not bear it nevertheless and did not devour the book on weekend. In approximately 24 hours was nothing more importantly which outside of this book took place. And then I needed to find the way back some more time over again into the reality. And Finsterlinge occur. I might have played the small Kerlchen here already so terribly gladly in the last Dhana volume and her a similarly large role! I love this book!

In the next days I will write a review and will place her to on-line. The left will then be also here.
For this book I waited for a very long time over one year. It is the second volume to “Trickster's Choice”, which came out last year in the autumn and which I had to have and read likewise immediately. And then waiting began. One year up to the Erscheinungstermin and that are so long, if one wants to absolutely know, how it continues to go. And as it was so far (1,9.), simply no Amazon package was in view and it not at all simple to find out that the date was shifted one month.
But finally the book lies here on my desk since yesterday and I can it not expect with vintages to begin. But if I begin, I cannot stop any longer according to experience to I through am and therefore must I only once some things before as learning to be e.g. settled.
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